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  2010 Sustainability Report
  Writer : wave-tech     Date : 11-01-21 09:13     Read : 209915    
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WAVE-TECH Inc. 2010 Sustainability Report, the WAVE-TECH’s first report, reports economic , social and environmental performance of the company. The sustainability Report published in Korean can be downloaded from our homepage(website).
Reporting Principles
This report refers to the GRI(Global Reporting Initiative) G3 Guidelines and the BEST Guidelines. We try to report in a balanced way by each area about main issues.
Reporting Scope and Period
This report contains our performances from January 1 to December 31, 2010., however the report includes the content of 2009 if the reports regarding meaningful activities or results were needed.
The currency unit in this report marks based on Korean Won. For the measured data unit we used, Ton, ㎡, ㎥, ㎠, ㎍, EA, pCi, MWh, dB, ppm, etc. and the rest of the units are written with the number. The reporting scope of this report reflects the results of the sustainability based on the figures of the head office and all the workplaces of the WAVE-TECH Inc..
Our company is planning to publish the Sustainability Report every year for our readers.
Additional Information for Reporting
Should you need additional information for this report or should you have any questions, please contact us or go to http://wave-tech.co.kr/main.php?m4=s44


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