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We are committed to being a supplier of the highest quality products
 Wave Tech has placed a strong emphasis on the development of integrated in-house facilities to provide the highest quality standards and fast delivery times. We continue to invest in state-of-the-art software design tools, test & measurement equipment, prototyping equipment, semi-automated assembly equipment and automated CNC equipment to enhance manufacturing capability.
 We are always in leading. By designing a manufacturing environment that encompasses process control and document standardization we can apply the modern manufacturing methods to insure the highest quality, product integrity and cost effectiveness. This is accomplished through a dedicated and knowledgeable workforce with over 20 years experience. From our CNC machining processes to our automated assembly operations we are committed to investing in the latest manufacturing technologies that insure the most efficient processes while maintaining an excellence of quality.
 We also operate management team of manufacturing exceptionally to stay with clients project from concept and design through manufacturing and delivery for the life of clients product. Whether clients need is outsourcing of an existing design or total design of a new application, our management team is always available to provide solutions and supports.
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