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Environmental Policy
Environmental Policy
 Wave Tech Co., Ltd. has been putting our every effort for the management considering environment improvement of our product as continuous effort and technology development based on technology over the years. So, we place the following Environmental Policy on the basis of the environment preservation with every effort we have established so far.

1) To remind consciousness of the Environmental Policy, we provide education and the training to
--all employees and provide to all employees, subcontractors, customers and other stakeholders
--on demand.
2) Developing eco-friendly products and process, we minimize air pollution, water pollution and
--wastes and limit energy use and harmful material and minimize the bad influence of the natural
3) We obey the Environmental Laws
--(Domestic Law, international agreement, our standard, client requirement)
4) We let all subcontractors and contractors meet our environment requirement
5) We periodically establish, maintain and keep the environment goal, specific goal and program
--to environment improvement
6) We keep Environmental Management System systemically and efficiently to improve
--continuously environment and prevent the pollution and harmful risk
7) Managing environmental restriction material can be included all materials and products of
--EU RoHS and REACH related Laws and Harmful material related customer requirements,
--we keep international environmental Law and guarantee this
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