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• Policy trends at domestic & overseas
Domestic Policy Trend
  • December 2009 Notice of the First Air Policies Basic Plan
    • Efficient Airport System Implementation and Management Goals
    • Proactive safety management and aviation security advancement goal
    • Selected to increase the efficiency of airport operation and upgrading aviation safety system
  • December 2014 Notice of the Second Air Policies Basic Plan
    • Pre-emptive accident prevention and aviation safety awareness goal
    • Selected as a direction to build scientific accident prevention system
Oversea Policy Trend
  • September 2009 The FAA issued a Advisory Circular to present minimum performance standards for automatic FOD Detection Equipment
    (AC150 / 5220-24, & quot; Foreign Object Debris Detection Equipment)
  • EUROCAE issued the minimum required performance document for automatic FOD Detection System (EUROCAE ED-235)
  • September 2010 The ICAO General Meeting of the Technical Committee discussed the monitoring and detection of FOD related to runway safety and ití»s ongoing review
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