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• Fixed Automatic Detection System of FOD
  • Definition: Fixed Equipment which is installed at airport operation area, and it detects FOD at all times for 24hours and transmit the FOD detection information to Integrated Operating System.
Fixed type
Sensor Radar+ EO(IR Laser Light)
Basic Function
  • Quality Management
    • Integrated operation and display of fixed and mobile detectors
    • Scalability for real-time integrated operation on multiple runways
    • Linkage operation with installed navigation system in airport
    • Connection with flight information management system
    • Automatic generation of DB and statistical data related to FOD detection
Min detection objects
  • An object of 2 cm or more
  • Over FAA standard
Detection Distance 450m
Location accuracy within1m
Detection cycle within 4 min
Detection time within 1min
Detection rate >95%
Min detectionRCS -30dBsm
Weather conditions, false alarm reliability, Product life, environmental conditions, power supply Same as FAA
others Other undefined criteria apply to the relevant documents of ICAO, FAA, RTCA
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